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Among all the gadgets built in the past century computers were one of the most useful devices that can be used forever. Though it has undergone many changes it still remains the favorite of every technology enthusiast. The most important year in the history of technology was the year when a fully functional computer was made. In the year 1936, Konrad Zuse came up with a gadget that proved to be useful for a huge amount of people around the world. In the year 1942, there were many large firms across America that understood the importance of computers and started using it for different business operations.

The first company that started selling computers was named ABC computers. In a span of few years, there were many companies that started their research on computers and focused on improving its functionalities. Their research and development proved to be really helpful and it helped millions of people around the world. After ABC computers started functioning and sold computers to different people the US, researchers came up with transistors that became a vital part of the computer. There are various internal areas in the computer that were based on the computers.

The launch of IBM changed the way computers functioned. They research proved to be great and the company came up with modified computers that were one of the best during the 1950s. The first successful programming language came up in the year 1954 and it was used to conduct different operations in the computer. After few years, it was in 1962 that people started playing games and using the internet in computers. Internet was another invention that has been playing a vital role in our lives till date.